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American Field Setters and American Field Pointers in Washington.  Pacific Northwest. Pointers and Setters.  Bird Dogs.  Gun Dogs.  Foot Hunters.  Field Trialers.  Professional Bird Dog Training for all breeds of Upland Bird Dogs.  Pointers & Flushers.  Ryan Fortier.  Over 20 years of bird dog experience.  NSTRA National Shoot to Retrieve Association Field Trials.  American Field Horseback Field Trials.  Pointing Dogs.  Hunting dogs.  Breeders.  Trainers. Hunters. Long Hollow Setters. Long Hollow Pointers.  Long Hollow Bird Dogs.  Long Hollow Retrievers.

Welcome to Long Hollow Bird Dogs

Bird Dogs for Bird Hunters by Bird Hunters.  The Northwest Source for Bird Dog Training and Breeding.



We produce some of the best American Field Setters and Pointers in the Country!

We offer professional Upland Bird Dog Training for all breeds Pointing Dogs, Flushers and Retrievers.  We are centrally located in Washington state. Ellensburg is readily available to clients from all over the Pacific Northwest and beyond.  Whether you are looking for a Hunting Companion or a Field Trial dog, you are welcome to join us for a training day.  We offer a free evaluation of your dog and we welcome all aspiring dog trainers, handlers and bird hunters alike.

"With a desire to be constantly learning, evolving and thinking outside the box,  I like to think that my style and methods of teaching and training are unique.  But they are a culmination of countless hours in the field with many different types of people and bird dogs.  I have had the opportunity to be exposed to the many great trainers before me.  Such as George Hickox, Bill Gibbons, John Greer, Larry Calvert and Mike Lardy just to name a few.  Training methods are passed down from generation to generation but all the best trainers have something of their own that can not be explained.  It is that which makes our program unique.   We look forward to training with you and your new hunting buddy". 


- Ryan Fortier


Ryan Fortier


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