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Doesn't get any easier!

Getting in as much Chukar hunting as we could before the snow hit and we headed to Arizona. As the birds got wiser it sure did not get any easier. This is the part of the season where you really begin to see what kind of toughness and resolve you have in your young bird dogs. This young Pointer we call "Cash" is actually the first English Pointer I have ever owned. He came to me by way of Sergio Velez of Boss Kennels up in Canada. Cash has been pushed and he has lived up the hype. There is nothing fancy about Cash. His tail will not stop bleeding, he is still learning how to deal with running birds, he is not a natural backing dog, he is a magnet for cactus and he has earned the nickname "The Junk Yard Dog". However this dog seems to find himself out hunting with me more then any other dog on the truck. His toughness and determination makes him a Long Hollow Bird Dog and he has helped set the bar for future Setters and Pointers in our program.

- Ryan Fortier

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