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Getting the dogs ready to go.

Updated: Sep 12, 2022

A couple weeks to go before we finally hit the road to Big Sky Country. In order to hunt the vast prairies of Montana in pursuit of Sharptail Grouse and Hungarian Partridge, you better have good pair of boots and great bird dog or two. I plan to spend at least a week putting some miles on in pursuit of these illusive game birds, in some new country I have never set foot on before. I still have a few questions about my boots but I am excited about the fantastic group of bird dogs that will be accompanying me on this adventure. We will have some great hunts along the way I am sure but this will be a great opportunity to expose all these young dogs to some of the best wild bird hunting in the world. Opportunity to develop is the name of the game. Long Hollow Bird Dog's, Cash, Denny, Deuce, Lottie and Sunny as well as client dog's Penny, Maggie, Major, Jess, River, Oly,and Zulu. 2 English Pointers, 3 English Setters, 1 Red Setter, 4 German Shorthairs, 1 Musterlander and 1 Pudelpointer.

- Ryan Fortier

"Cash" and "Denny"











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