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This is Why

With just a couple days left before I head West back to Ellensburg Washington. I was back in the field with Brad McCardle and we were joined by old friends Tim Powell and JW. Brad got us on to some beautiful private land that did not produce any birds for us but it was just a pleasure to be in the field with these guys in such an amazing place with such amazing dogs. The day was heating up quickly so we headed back to Josh's camp to put our feet up for a while and let the dogs catch up on some much needed rest.

My evening hunt that day was one I will not soon forget. Josh put us on to some BLM that had been good for him in the past. The warm temps and the excessive amount of cactus made this hunt a memorable challenge. Both Cash and Deuce displayed bird finding ability and toughness. These two pups turned into big dogs on this day. The 3 of us covered every bit of that property and the dogs found and pointed the only covey of Sharptails to inhabit the landscape. I snapped a few quick photos, shot a double and Cash made a great retrieve.

This place is not for the weekend warrior. This is a place for serious bird hunters with serious bird dogs. The Montana Prairie is an extraordinary, wild place, full of things one cannot experience anywhere else in the world. I have so much gratitude for the miles I have put on my feet in this amazing place. The things I have seen and experienced and the people I have gotten to share it with in such a short period of time, already has me thinking of when I shall return.

Still so much to do...

- Ryan Fortier

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