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The Last Best Find

After an all night rain storm that made for a tough morning hunt where all we found was a Porcupine. I loaded up again and hit the road to finally meet up with an old friend. It's been a long time coming. By my not very scientific recollection it's been 10-12 years since I was last in Montana hunting Sharptails and Huns with Brad McCardle. So much has changed in both our lives since then, and I was impressed to find out, Brad has been hard at work in the restaurant business among other things. If you are ever in Lewistown Montana check out Central Feed Co. / Big Spring Brewery. Great Beer and Amazing Food with welcoming atmosphere. I was looking forward to catching up and taking the field with a fellow bird dog man and just an all around good dude. After a few beers and some dinner at his restaurant, it really did not feel like Brad and I had not seen each other for so long. The next morning we were excited and ready to go at first light as we headed out into some of Brad's old stomping grounds. With our two best dogs on the ground we moved birds right away and I really enjoyed watching these two Pointers run. I can't say enough how much I enjoy hunting with Brad McCardle. He shared the same sentiment about the breath of fresh air that it is to spend time in the field with a guy and his dog that are just on the same page. No stress, no hollering at the dogs, no nonsense. Just an absolute pleasure to explore the prairie with great bird dogs and a guy that's doing it right.

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